S c r o l l D o w n


Paul Tors is the pen name of Victoria and Paul Richman, a niece and uncle team.Authors_Image

Paul and Victoria decided to combine their skills to write Highlanders’ Revenge, the first of what is hopefully a series of novels together.

“I’ve always had a passion for military fiction and had an idea for a story, but really didn’t know how to go about it,” explains Paul. “Luckily Victoria has always wanted to branch out into novel writing – after a few hours of discussion at a wedding reception one day, the idea for Paul Tors was born!”

Victoria, also known as Tors, is a Creative Writing graduate who worked on a number of magazines before becoming a freelance writer. Among other projects she currently works for the Editorial Projects Unit for the Ipswich branch of publishing company Archant, which produces publications, such as the East Anglian Daily Times newspaper and Bride magazine.

A keen reader, she also reviews books on her blog, www.readingwritingbooking.blogspot.co.uk

Paul is a retired, successful businessman whose passion is military history. Following a career in the in the IT and Telecom sector, where he held management board positions in a number of global organisations, he is now devoting himself to writing factually based military novels.

Highlanders’ Revenge combines the fast-paced action and intrigue of a military novel with the real-life exploits of the 5th Camerons, an extraordinary unit that saw action in most of the major battles in North Africa and Western Europe. As Victoria explains, “We’ve meticulously researched the Camerons to create a gripping novel which will appeal to fans of military fiction who also appreciate historical accuracy.”